Hi, I'm Anastasia

Here is what you need to know if you’re looking to work with me.

I promise it will be a rich journey of self-discovery and transformation like no other!

Nothing motivates me more than to see my clients crossing their limits and breaking new ground.

In a coaching career of eight years, I have coached several hundred people, of all ages and repeatedly seen my clients overcome procrastination, fear, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs to realize their true potential.

This Hi, I'm Anastasia

I know how it feels to be bored and restless in your job or when your needs and priorities change. You know it is time to create something more meaningful but you lack the clarity and confidence to move forward.

These are just a few of the results among many others:

              ⁃             Launched a successful business - an online community for career changers

              ⁃             Overcoming visibility issues to complete a challenge

              ⁃             Beating procrastination to create a course

From a very young age I have believed that nothing is impossible! I have tested this theory time and again. In my 20s, I developed an interest in politics and just to learn, wrote to the local council to be mentored by a politician. The Deputy Leader became my mentor.

Guess what happened next?

I was selected to stand in the next election on an unwinnable seat, just to get the practice.

 At the age of 28, I became one of Harrow council's youngest female councillors and served a term of 4 years.

As Henry Ford has said, and it is one of my favorite quotes -

"If You Think You Can, Or You Can’t You’re Right"

Today, I meet people who have a dream - to advance in their careers, to start a new business, to grow to the next level. And yet, there is an invisible internal battle that is pulling them back.

It’s my mission to unleash the true creative potential for my clients and to help them break those shackles. I am repeatedly told by my clients that my intuitive nature that creates a bridge between conscious and unconscious, persistence and insight to go beyond the obvious has helped them get breakthroughs.

I have never given up on a client. With time and self-love, I have seen the growth in confidence and breaking new ground.

Therefore, I have this mantra -

“Loving yourself unconditionally is the best cure for everything.”


I have spent years learning to overcome my own limiting beliefs and self sabotage and have fine tuned the process that gets you there fast.

I've already done the hard part for you.

I found what was important to me and worked through my fears and emotional blocks, so I could feel in control of my life and carve out a path that fulfilled me.

I guide you through the same process so you can get to the cause (not the symptoms) of self sabotage and change your life once and for all.

No matter how big or unbeatable your block seems, I will give you the tools to overcome it.

You have the ability. You just need a helping hand to unlock it!

Of course, I know this is not magic but the working of our subconscious mind. When we calibrate it to give us what we want, it starts to put everything into action. And that is what I will be teaching you to do.

I am passionate about exploring the power of the mind and spirituality. I live my life guided by a deep sense of purpose serving as a compass.

Being a trained and qualified hypnotherapist helps me to deliver deep and long lasting breakthroughs to my clients much faster than other methods would.

“The external world is a reflection of our inner world”.

I invite you to come work with me - let us together start the journey to build a life of your dreams.


MA Communication

Certificate in Education - Teacher Training

Diploma in Life Coaching - International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM) 

Diploma in Hypnotherapy - Member of The Association of Ethical & Professional Hypnotherapists

Healing NLP Practitioner

RTT Practitioner

How do I know my method works?

Everything I do with my clients, I have tested myself. After experiencing amazing results with different techniques such as NLP and transformative hypnosis, I use them with all my clients. I help them become unstuck so they can achieve success  and confidence in themselves and their career. As a result, their transformation is permanent and often profound!

  •   Laser focused coaching to give you confidence and clarity
  •   Transformative Hypnosis to remove your mental and emotional blocks and instill positive beliefs
  •  Additional online support to ensure you reach your goals

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