Hi! I'm Anastasia,

I’m a Transformation Coach, certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and healing NLP practitioner. 

Like you, I’ve been on a journey to find the purpose and confidence to build the life of my dreams.

This Hi, I'm Anastasia

I know how it feels to be bored and restless in your job or when your needs and priorities change. You know it is time to create something more meaningful but you lack the clarity and confidence to move forward.

After a short time in the corporate world, I knew it wasn’t the right environment for me. I needed to find a meaningful career where I could help improve the lives of others. I transitioned to a teaching career, and that was a better fit, but something still wasn’t right. I enjoyed the work, but I knew there was something else for me out there.

The problem was, I couldn’t seem to push through the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and keeping me tied to places of apparent safety and security.

That’s when I decided to dive deep into a study of coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP. I knew other people were dealing with these same limitations, and if I could overcome my own, maybe I could help them overcome theirs as well.

In 2013, I took the plunge and became a coach. 

It was scary at first. I had many limiting beliefs to overcome – such as the belief that real security comes from a “job” and not working for myself, or that making a comfortable living can only come from struggle.

Thankfully, I had the tools to change those beliefs!

After a couple of years coaching, I noticed something about the people I coached who were underperforming: in some way, they all didn’t feel enough. Their self-talk was negative and they were sabotaging their own efforts!

So, I started coaching them on self-confidence and self-worth… and the results were phenomenal!

Their performance soared. I received feedback with words such as “amazing” and “miracle.”

So, I decided THIS is what I would focus my work on. THIS was my purpose.

That’s how I created this incredible program… 

30 Days to Unlock Your Inner Confidence

It’s a powerful, life-changing program using a combination of coaching, NLP and advanced hypnotherapy techniques to get fast, permanent results.

I have now coached several hundred people of all ages and backgrounds and repeatedly seen my clients overcome procrastination, fear, self doubt and self-limiting beliefs to realize their true potential.


MA Communication

Certificate in Education - Teacher Training

Diploma in Life Coaching - International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM) 

Diploma in Hypnotherapy - Member of The Association of Ethical & Professional Hypnotherapists

Healing NLP Practitioner

RTT Practitioner

How do I know my method works?

Everything I do with my clients, I have tested myself. After experiencing amazing results with different techniques such as NLP and transformative hypnosis, I use them with all my clients. I help them become unstuck so they can achieve success  and confidence in themselves and their career. As a result, their transformation is permanent and often profound!

  •   Laser focused coaching to give you confidence and clarity
  •   Subconscious Alignment to remove your mental and emotional blocks and instill positive beliefs
  •  Additional online support to ensure you reach your goals

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