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The reason you haven’t found your calling yet is because you haven’t worked on the most important part of the equation…..YOU! That’s right, finding purpose and success comes from working on yourself first. Once you do, nothing can stand in the way. I know this because working on myself is what led me to find my dream career so it no longer feels like work as I love what I do.

We will look at your passions and talents and what adjustments you need to make in other areas of your life to enable you to make the transition. We will discover your dreams to ensure that your future career aligns with your values so that you never have to follow someone else’s dream and aspirations.

Using RTT we will identify any limiting beliefs, such as money blocks, fear of failure (or success), anxiety or any deep-rooted beliefs that you are not good enough or don’t deserve success. Once these are brought to the surface, we will rewire your mind using hypnosis to give you a totally upgraded mindset. You will become the person you dream of.

Next, we will make a plan that you are happy to follow so we can work together to make your transition into work you love. We will also make any necessary adjustments to other areas of your life so you can move forward, feeling fulfilled and energized in your new life!

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3 Ways to Transformation

BLOCK breakthrough

Transformation in a single session.

  • 1/2 hour call to discuss your needs
  • 2 hour deep dive Transformative Hypnosis to unlock your limiting beliefs and discover your life purpose.
  • A personalised hypnosis recording to listen to for 21 days to complete your transformation
  • 1/2 hour follow-up call

3 Month mindset transformation

Everything in the 30 Days to Clarity package


  • 3 x 1:1 further coaching sessions to ensure you're keeping the career transition momentum up.

10 Mindset Shifts To Successfully Changing Career

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