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Most people start their business with great passion, energy and enthusiasm.

Over time, they become cautious and draw self-limiting circles around what is possible and what is not.

The business settles into a pattern and growing it to next level of growth seems really difficult.

Why do you think this happens? Are the enemies inside you or outside?

Are you looking for the proven path from overwhelm, perfectionism and self-doubt to calm and inner confidence?

Does this seem familiar to you:

  • You keep attracting the wrong type of clients
  • You have many ideas, you toss and play with them, you analyze and evaluate but cannot seem to take any steps
  • You want to ask for help, but don't know where to start
  • Your dream lifestyle – freedom from schedules, ability to work from anywhere anytime never became a reality
  • In fact, you have even been questioning your decision to start the business
  • You are drowning in a sea of perfectionism, procrastination and self-criticism as you delay action and your confidence is low

Fear of failure or fear of being judged will block you from creating what you want in your business.

When you don’t feel worthy and constantly look for approval, you remain stagnant.

Having the right mindset and the right skills is everything when it comes to feeling in control.

It took me years to work through my own limiting beliefs and self sabotage to finally get it!

But it doesn’t have to take you years or even months.

After decades of searching and fine tuning my methods, I have created my six week  programme which is tailored to put you in the driving seat of your business and your life.

It will unlock your ability to succeed in your business and boost your earning potential very quickly.

It will unlock your ability to prioritise and say NO to things that aren’t important to you.

You will discover the deeper reasons you keep going into overwhelm and help you clear them at their root.

My six week 1:1 intensive programme doesn’t offer a surface fix that only works short term. When the underlying cause of going around in circles is discovered you feel FREE!

When you are transformed, any strategy you use to improve your business, suddenly sticks!

We will meet online (via zoom) once a week for 6 weeks.

Online sessions last for 1-hour.

The thought rewiring (or magic!) will happen during transformative hypnosis (sessions 3 and 4) and you will find that following that, you will feel and act differently and will feel confident and in control.

And don’t worry, you won’t lose yourself. In fact, hypnosis will help you become more YOU.

You will come away caring a lot less about what others think and valuing who you are and what is important to you, so you can become super successful.

Let’s just say you will become unapologetically you!

You will experience business growth with new vigour and excitement!

My coaching will show you a proven path:

  • From overwhelm to confidence and inner peace
  • From self-criticism to self-love and acceptance of your talents and gifts
  • From chaos to a personal system that works for you

If you are thinking “is this really for me?” or “I don’t have the time”; well my techniques work even if:

  • You do not have enough time – because they are not at all time consuming and you will start seeing results almost immediately
  • You have tried other methods before and they did not seem to have a positive impact – my methods will work regardless, and you can quickly reprogramme your mind, body and spirit for inner calm
  • Your business is stuck in a pattern – you will start seeing new ideas, new windows of opportunity and you will take action to quickly convert them

I will work with you to achieve these results:

  • Gain deep insights into why you lack confidence and don't feel heard
  • Help to see things clearly and outline the path to success
  • You will discover what is important to you and how to get support
  • You will experience healing that has a deep life-changing impact

Building Extraordinary Confidence

30 Days to Radical Confidence!

Here’s what the programme includes… 

  • 2 One-hour Virtual Coaching Sessions

    We’ll meet 1-on-1 via Zoom and dive deep into the challenges you’re facing in your work, business, and life today. I’ll help you find ways to prioritize, delegate, and systemize so you can move from feeling paralyzed by perfectionism and indecision to calm, confident, and in control of your own future.

  • 2 Online Transformative Hypnosis Sessions

    Together, we’ll uncover the hidden roadblocks in your subconscious that are sabotaging your success and work to clear those barriers permanently so you can quickly move away from fear, stress, and overwhelm towards confidence and assertiveness.

  • 3 Hypnosis Recordings (1 personalized)

    I will create a series of custom transformational hypnosis recordings for you, addressing your specific challenges, goals, and desires, which you can listen to on a daily basis and continue to make consistent progress on clearing those limiting beliefs and aligning your subconscious to turn your dreams into reality.

  • 30 Days of Online Support

    As your guide on this journey, I will provide you with ongoing support and counsel throughout the program via email, text, or DM, so you’ll always have the support you need to move forward, and you’ll never feel that you’re facing this challenge alone.


Inner Calm and Immunity Boost Hypnosis

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