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Helping entrepreneurs, coaches and therapists reach their goals, by removing their limiting beliefs and self sabotage.

Inner calm and immunity boost hypnosis

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  • Are you putting in the work, but hitting a brick wall?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed?
  • Are you prone to perfectionism and self criticism?
  • Do you self sabotage just as things are about to go right for you?
  • Do you often feel like a fraud and are afraid you'll be found out?
  • Do you feel unworthy or not enough?
  • Do you compare yourself to others and feel judged?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I can help you break through your inner barriers, and reach your business goals.

My signature coaching programme will help you build yourself up from the inside out and will give you the mindset to move forward with confidence.

 Feeling Confident and in Control Comes From Working on Yourself

Unlock the fears and beliefs from the past, and watch your business soar!

How can my programme help you?

When you remove your mindset blocks, you will be able to

֍Reach your business goals

֍Approve of yourself and stop worrying what others think

֍Let go of self-doubt

֍Communicate with confidence

֍Delegate and ask for help

֍Finally feel successful

How does Transformative Hypnosis work?

Transformative hypnosis is a powerful method that

֍Finds and heals what has been holding you back in every area of your life.

֍Your beliefs and thoughts are re-written into more positive ones that

֍You will rapidly increase your confidence and success. 

To discover more about coaching and hypnosis, listen to my interview at Radio Verulam

Confidence starts from within

About ME

Hi, I'm Anastasia, and I’m committed to helping you overcome your limiting beliefs and plan a life and career that excites and fulfills you.  My clients tell me that after working with me, they feel free and unstoppable! They are able to succeed and achieve their money and business goals.

What Clients Say


 The results have been incredible, never before have I felt so driven to work on my ideas and each time I sit down to work it is more productive than I have been for a very long time, the work flies out and I have already completed some things I was sure would take me forever, indeed I would have probably procrastinated far more before. I've also noticed an inner calm and confidence, no longer living in constant fear and ready to go after all I deserve. 

Louise Rankin



Anastasia coached me to reach the next step financially and to reach more people in my business. I had reached a plateau and due to increased expenses in my life I needed to reach to that next level. Anastasia did RTT with me to address the subconscious elements related to the situation and coached me during a few sessions. I loved working with her! I felt so cared for and I am impressed with her skills as a coach. My business is moving forward from where I was at the start of us working together! I warmly recommend working with her!

Marina Kronkvist


Huge impact on my life, made some major changes and decisions and still using the tools and ideas years later.

Kate Wilson-Birch

Work with me

We will work together to find which beliefs are hiding behind your overwhelm and explore which needs you're not expressing. You will heal your past in order to set yourself free.

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discover your life purpose

I recently started using hypnosis to reveal clients' life purpose. I started when a client wanted to ask her subconscious mind how she could move forward in her career, relationships and parenting. It was something I had considered doing before so I was open to the potential findings.


5 things to consider before a career change

Transitioning career can seem like a big step but it doesn’t have to be scary if it is planned properly. I should know, I have changed career twice and the second time was a lot smoother thanks to the knowledge of the dos and don’ts I acquired during the first one.


teenagers taught me self-respect

Years ago, I used to be a further education teacher and I remember entering the classroom for the first time to be struck by the big attitude change of teenagers from the time I was their age. I witnessed a completely new world where young people no longer did what they were told by their teachers without objection. They often misbehaved if they didn’t feel listened to.

Inner Calm and Immunity Boost Hypnosis

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