Discover Your Life Purpose

I recently started using hypnosis to reveal clients’ life purpose. I started when a client wanted to ask her subconscious mind how she could move forward in her career, relationships and parenting. It was something I had considered doing before so I was open to the potential findings.

I was impressed by the extend of guidance she received from her own mind and I have now incorporated this in all my sessions as a guide of how to move forward. This led me to ponder on what one needs to consider in order to discover one’s life purpose and I came up with the following:


Write down your values, what’s important to you, what could you not live without. What small steps could you make daily to incorporate those values in your work, life and relationship?


What do you feel so passionate about that it makes you want to take action? Which conversations instantly make your face light up? What activities evoke strong positive feelings within you? What gives you joy?


Consider what your biggest lessons have been. When we overcome our biggest challenges, we are able to help many others who face similar situations and that becomes our purpose.

Our life purpose is not necessarily fixed at birth, but it evolves as our experiences change and we reach certain points in our growth.

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Author: InspiringPower

Career Transformation Coach, helping women find a meaningful career they love and unleash their true potential.