Changing Career is an Emotional Move

Making a career change or getting a promotion may seem as something that has to do with circumstances and your environment, but ultimately it has to do with how you feel.

You wish to leave your place of discomfort or misery and launch yourself into something new and exciting or a place that feels kind and nurturing because of how you think it will make you FEEL.

So, your change in career or position is a transition of feeling something negative like being mistreated, isolated, rejected, bored or unfulfilled to a brand new place of feeling significant, valued, respected, nurtured, free, super excited and having a sense of belonging. I mean, you wouldn’t make a change if you knew that you would feel the same or worse than you do now.

I know all this sounds obvious but stay with me.

If your emotions are the driving factor for anything you do, then doesn’t it make sense to examine them? Should you not start with your feelings about anything, before you make any decisions?

Here’s what I’m getting at. You want to get that promotion BUT deep inside you don’t feel you’re good enough. End result? Procrastination. You want to start your own business, BUT you fear that you will fail and will be worse off. What happens? You don’t start and make failure a dead cert.

All the information you need to get you there, whatever your goal is, is out there. We live in a world where readily available information is something we can rely on. Yet, you are still not moving.

This is because you haven’t examined what you FEEL and BELIEVE is possible for you.

When you align what you want to feel in your future career with what you believe is available to you and what you feel you are worthy of, then it becomes effortless. Because when you get to that point of knowing you are worthy of everything you want, you will just be following the advice you receive without your emotions blocking you and your path will be clear.

So, ask yourself, “Do I feel I’m good enough to achieve my goal?” “Is this something that is possible for me?” “Do I accept myself exactly where I am today, so I can feel worthy enough to work on myself?”

Why change career?

Thinking about changing career but don’t know where to start? Working out the reason behind the way you feel will give you some clues. So here are some questions to give you clarity.


Do you want to leave your current job because you are bored or have outgrown your work?

If you have outgrown the work you do and have no interest in career advancement in your field then it’s time to look for something that interests you now. We all have different interests at certain stages of our life, and we grow in different directions, so take a look at your current interests. Is there something that you could turn into a career or start working freelance?

In a negative cycle

Do you feel that you’re passed over for promotion or no matter how many jobs you have changed the same happens? Do you feel undervalued and insignificant? Like you have no say or control?

This is because of patterns originating from childhood. We repeat these patterns that create similar feelings as we had as children or when we were younger. Our inner beliefs about ourselves cause us to attract outside situations that keep us in the same negative place. The good news is that we can do inner work to clear these and start creating new, positive patterns. When we change how we feel inside, situations around us change to match that.

You don’t belong

Do you feel you don’t belong in the environment you work in or don’t like the people you work with?

Again, toxic environments are tolerated because of inner beliefs that cause us to think that this is our only option, or it is a familiar environment to us because of our past.

You’re not fulfilled

Do you feel that you’re good at your job but you don’t find meaning and purpose in what you’re doing?

Although at the beginning of your career you might have been excited maybe working in a fast-paced environment that you thought was the right way to go, you now feel flat and unfulfilled. This is the time when you start looking for something more meaningful that includes service to others. You might have been told that meaningful work is not as lucrative, but you haven’t tested this out to see if it is true for you.